About Our Gym


The Burn Room is where you push through every “I can’t” or “I wish.” It’s the room where you will work harder, lift more & burn more fat than ever before. The Burn Room will show you what transformation looks like. This is where YOU become the best version of yourself.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our client’s lives by creating a memorable fitness experience. We will deliver the best possible fitness and nutrition solutions to our customers needs through fun, challenging, and effective programs thereby being.


BurnRoom Fitness is dedicated to providing our community personal training in a group class setting, our conveniently scheduled classes provide a full-body – high intensity-functional training workout to get in the best shape of your life. Our state-of-the-art facility combined with our custom heart rate tracking software and Fit3D body scanner to track your fitness journey allows you to not only see your results but store them to show everyone. BurnRoom Fitness is not a gym, its a lifestyle!


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